About Us

Arcadia Studio is a community of individuals inspired by nature and devoted to creating beauty and meaning through landscape design. Founded in 2001, and currently led by its four Principal Landscape Architects - Bob Cunningham, Laurie Romano, Carol Puck Erickson and Derrik Eichelberger - Arcadia Studio is a firm dedicated to providing the highest level of design, and enhancing the landscape with works that are innovative as well as sustainable. With offices in Santa Barbara and Phoenix we specialize in innovative landscape design, landscape planning and urban design. Our work strives to understand the nature of our connection to the landscape, and to create designs that are beautiful, sustainable and evocative. Our primary mission is to thoughtfully enhance the site and the architecture, whether in a traditional manner or in a way that steps outside that which is familiar. Our goal is to provide a quality of design beyond the expected, and we have the expertise and staff to offer our clients the following advantages:


A staff of eight registered landscape architects, support staff and full computer capability. Arcadia Studio has the commitment and the resources to meet project requirements and schedules in an efficient and timely manner.


A team approach to planning and design, working closely with clients and allied consultants to accomplish design solutions which are cost effective, environmentally responsible and appropriate to the site and context.


A commitment to providing services of the highest caliber, based on academic training, professional experience, and sensitivity to and understanding of the natural and urban environment. These concerns are fundamental to our philosophy.


Experience with a wide range of developments, including many projects involving preservation and restoration of existing built or natural landscapes.


Expertise in sustainable design solutions for projects of all sizes, with experience guiding projects through difficult approval and entitlement processes.


A proven record of quality. Arcadia Studio's principals have received over seventy awards for excellence in design.

Arcadia Studio