Arcadia Studio, Landscape Architecture

21 Apr 09

The Stunning Beauty of Padaro Lane by Meg West


I might be biased, but I believe there are few places as beautiful as Santa Barbara. And within Santa Barbara, there are few places as stunning as Padaro Lane.

No wonder, then, that the fortunate flock there like seagulls to an abandoned picnic. Driving along Padaro Lane is like flipping through the pages of an architecture magazine. In the distance, Rincon Point drapes over the misty horizon. Dolphins cavort in the gentle surf. No kidding.

Two exciting new projects on Padaro Lane have been taking shape over the last two years which highlight Arcadia Studio’s contemporary side.

3453 Padaro Lane, designed by Derrik Eichelberger, was recently completed. It is infused with a light-hearted sense of fun that was the direct result of the owner’s desire to design a garden that was ‘amusing’. Photos of the front garden, fountain, and some of the rear garden are posted here.

Just down the road, a contemporary jewel is nearing completion. Designed by husband and wife team Laurie Romano and Keith Rivera, of Arcadia Studio and B3 Architecture respectively, the house and garden combine minimalist design and lavish living. imageimageimage The thoroughly contemporary project avoids seeming stark or cold with well-chosen materials – ipe, bamboo, plaster, limestone, and glass. The structure's center of gravity reaches overhead - the result of an interesting second story overhang designed as a separate wing. Visitors will enjoy a spectacular glass fountain and lush courtyard as they enter.

The private oceanfront outdoor living space is complete with an outdoor kitchen, in-ground spa, vanishing edge water feature, and sunken firepit. Construction photos are posted here.

The Landscape Architects at Arcadia Studio dream of places like Padaro Lane to showcase our work. We have been fortunate to attract clients that share our appreciation for contemporary design and excellent craftsmanship.