Our Solutions

  • a fenced garden
  • Edible Gardens & Food Forests. Grow a bounty in your backyard.
  • rainwater collection system
  • Rainwater Collection & Greywater Systems. Irrigate with recycled water.
  • an alternative lawn
  • Lawn Replacement. Save money with lawn alternatives.
  • recycled trellis with fruit growing on it
  • Local & Salvaged Materials. Beautiful and affordable with a low carbon footprint.

Our Process

Your Sustainable Garden in Three Easy Steps

  1. An initial Landscape Audit, which costs $150-$450, depending on the size of your property. This written assessment is conducted on site and will provide you with options for improving efficiency, sustainability, and your garden's overall design.
  2. From those options, we work with you to create your personalized path to sustainability, choosing the solutions that best suit your needs and provide the greatest return on your invesment.
  3. Your design is installed by trusted landscape contractors who share our commitment to the environment, quality design and craftsmanship, and responsive, dependable service.

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