Laurie Romano appointed 2014 Vice Chair of the South Board of Architectural Review

By Justin Dullum

Arcadia Studio principal Laurie Romano has been appointed 2014 Vice Chair of the South Board of Architectural Review, County of Santa Barbara. From the Board's website:

"The Board of Supervisors finds that inappropriateness or poor quality of design in the exterior appearance of buildings, structures or signs adversely affect the desirability of the immediate area and neighboring areas for residential, business or other purposes and by so doing, impairs the benefits of occupancy of existing property in such areas, impairs the stability and value of both improved and unimproved real property in such areas, prevents the most appropriate development and use of such areas, produces degeneration of property in such areas with attendant deterioration of conditions affecting the health, safety and general welfare of the county and destroys a proper relationship between the taxable value of real property in such areas and the cost of public services provided therefore."

If any one is up to the task, it's Laurie!

Arcadia's principals have a long and on-going record of public service in this regard. Derrik Eichelberger currently serves as Vice Chair on the Montecito Board of Architectural Review and Bob Cunningham sits as the Vice Chair on the Street Tree Advisory Committee Sign Committee, City of Santa Barbara, and Chairs the Historic Landmarks Advisory Commission.