bob cunningham - Principal emeritus

A founding partner of Arcadia Studio, Bob has practiced landscape architecture since 1969. His early work gained him experience with a range of projects, diverse approaches to design, the nursery industry, and landscape management. Based on this experience he has a solid grounding in the practical aspects of design and use of plant materials.  Raised in Santa Barbara, he has an affection for the city and the beauty of its natural surroundings, and has applied his abilities to the enhancement of its aesthetic qualities. 
Since starting his own practice in 1979 Bob has personally designed or overseen the design of more than 1500 projects. He maintains a particularly interest in public and institutional design, focusing on plazas, streetscapes and developments serving the elderly and infirm.  He received a Lockwood de Forest Award for his work on the State Street Sidewalk Replacement Project and has recently designed the extensive Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Replacement project.