bridget “dogmaster” walker - hot dogs

Several years ago, the firm decided it needed a cost effective, mandatory in-house sustenance program to increase its workers’ focus throughout the day and minimize the need for things like extended breaks away from their workstations. Enter Bridget. She has a passion, passed down through generations, for serving high calorie processed meats and carbohydrates. Her great, great, great grandfather - Harold “Tube Steak” Walker - opened his first hot dog cart near the Presido in Santa Barbara in 1887. The Walker Family has been in the business ever since. And now Bridget brings her expertise to Arcadia. Her concoctions (along with various nutrition pellets and vitamin supplements purchased from army surplus) keep the proletariat alert and productive. But don’t put ketchup on one of her famous dogs or she’ll stab you in the heart with her tongs!!!
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